e-Sports game “Gods Unchained” on Ethereum Network

God’s Unchained is the first competitive e-sports game on the Ethereum network. The game recently launched with backing from Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider. Gods Unchained is a digital collectible trading card game built using blockchain technology. it include a hybrid on-chain and off-chain system, allowing information to be processed in batches and will prevent congesting the Ethereum network as well as provide users with a seamless experience. (Medium)
Players start off by building their deck from hundreds of unique cards by buying card packs all with the chance to contain uncommon or rare ones to add to your collection. Powered by the Ethereum Blockchain, players are the sole owners of the cards they accumulate and can buy, sell and trade their cards to assemble a powerful deck. (State of the Dapps)
For nov.2018, the development company, Fuel Games, has sold around 1.6 million cards, bringing in $2.8 million, according to Fuel Games co-founder and CEO James Ferguson.(Coindesk)